Compare your Service Levels

Clubs who work within the 59club systems have the ability to make service level performance comparisons against chosen competitors, other venues in their group set, best performing clubs, and the rest of the industry, enabing them to gain a competitor awareness and advantage.

59club is the only benchmarking company that recognises, rewards and markets venues striving to achieve 'Customer Service & Sales Excellence within the golfing industry.

Compare your Facility and Service Levels against the rest & the very best…

With so many of the best venues in the UK, Europe and UAE within the scheme, the industry wide data that its members receive provides real and current information of the highest quality and value.

As an example, a goup golf sales enquiry to a 59club venue will be dealt with in more detail, more efficiently and with a greater chance of conversion than a venue outside of the scheme.The latest statistics show that a 59club venue will on average, handle the enquiry twice as well as any other venue and is 4 times more likely to stay in contact with the client after the enquiry has been made proving that 59clubs services make a real difference to a venues bottom line - fact.

This unique piece of software enables you to compare your results to the following sectors on both a Monthly and Year to Date basis and also allows for further comparisons by department.

The Industry Average
(Average score of all clubs within the 59club system)

Providing private / independent venues or Ltd groups with a clear insight into how they are performing against the industry average, on both monthly and year to date basis. With years worth of data already gained, performance comparisons can also be made year on year.

The Podium Set Average
(Average score of the leading 3 clubs within the 59club system)

Creates awareness of the best performing venues service standards, plus provides a great goal setting and motivational tool to encourage those venues striving to be the best service providers in the country.

Your Chosen Competitor Set Average
(Average score of your 3 x chosen competitors)

Allows venues to compare themselves to their chosen competitors, a very useful tool to ensure the service delivered is the very best in your region.

Your Group Set Average
(Average score of all independent clubs or venues within national chains)

Compares apples with apples, this reporting tool will help venues to compare themselves to all venues of similar make up or within the same Ltd Group.

"It only takes one bad experience to send your 'potential member' away to your competitor and do untold damage to your reputation and profits"