Golf Visitor Experience

Analyse the day guest experience afforded to visiting golfers at your club.

Based on a golfer’s experience during a green fee visit, focusing on the venue’s ability to create a quality customer experience through their facilities and services offered. The detailed analysis incorporates all areas both on and off the course, from golf course and practice facility presentation to a detailed analysis of the food and beverage experience.

Analysis Includes:

  • A recorded tee time booking call to the venue
  • Analysis of written tee time confirmation
  • A purchase of merchandise from the golf shop highlighting sales techniques
  • Use of range or practice area and promotion of other golf facilities
  • Entire golf course analysis focusing on presentation, services and facilities on offer
  • Service and standard of pre and post golf food
  • Bespoke comparisons to your chosen competitors, the industry average plus the best performing clubs

The results can be further broken down into Staff Sales, Attitude & Process along with General Facilities. This enables you to highlight any potential issues within your team and/or their standard procedures, likewise any operational issues you may have within the club promoting the necessary actions.

As per all 59club products, this facility allows for 'like for like' comparisons to your chosen competitors, the industry average plus the best performing clubs from an up-selling perspective. The comparison results will be taken from the statistics you enter for visitor/member rounds, the price of your stock / hire items and adjustment percentages enabling you to compare against the staff’s up-selling results achieved during a mystery test.

Unwanted questions can be ‘omitted’ to ensure results are bespoke to your club offering.

Exclusive Profit Calculator
Analyse the upselling skills of your staff. The profit calculator allows you to enter the number of golfers playing in a month, reduce or increase the figure to reflect factors which effect the sale then multiply this number with the cost of the product and the service level delivered. The final £ answer can show you what potential levels of income your venue is missing out on. This “opportunity” is measured throughout the venue at all staff touch points where a sale could happen.