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Gregg Patterson joins 59club's Annual Roadshow - tickets available now...

59club’s ‘Sales, Service & Retention Roadshow” is coming to a club near you...always a firm favourite with the crowd, ‘Gregg Patterson’ himself will be joining 59club Directors Simon Wordsworth, Mark Reed & Matt Roberts as they ‘dazzle and corrupt’ the audience on how to do CLUB WELL. By that we mean “SHOUT” about proven tactics guaranteed to assist clubs to:

  • Convert more member sales
  • Generate more referrals
  • Retain more members
  • Enhance the service experience
  • Maximise additional revenue

If its inspiration you’re looking for...that’s exactly what you’ll get...

2016 UK DATES & LOCATIONS - Click here to view full details

Click here to book your places on the 59club Roadshow now…


59club have launched an innovative software program which allows managers to have their own customer-service analysis system.  

The ‘my59’ system helps managers assess their business through the eyes of the customer more regularly and in more detail than has ever been possible before. It breaks down each element of the customer ‘journey’ and scrutinises the minutiae to make a big difference to the bottom line.

By purchasing a licence to the ‘my59’ software, managers are now able to arrange their own
internal mystery-shopping audits and member surveys, as and when required, at no additional cost
and all the time utilising 59club's detailed criteria.

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Setting the Benchmark for Customer Service Excellence  

Member Surveys and Mystery Shopper Audits

59club is a unique Benchmarking Company assisting Clubs Worldwide to achieve Customer Service & Sales Excellence…providing Member Surveys, Mystery Shopper Audits & Training within the Golf, Leisure, Spa, Events, F&B and Hotel Industries.

Endorsed by The PGA, 59club works with Clubs across the country to help develop, improve and maintain a high level of customer service, in turn increasing customer satisfaction, revenue and profits in the process.

59club will analyse and compare all key revenue streams coming into your club via detailed independent analysis of a visitors experience and / or a member’s survey. 59club can provide a ‘Performance Analysis Tool’ enabling you to measure and compare your standards of Customer Service.

The industry wide data that its clients receive provides real and current information of the highest quality and value.

The service provides relevant, independent and confidential feedback analysis via a secure on-line web portal in a very clear, concise and accurate way.

The level of detail enables you to highlight areas of poor procedural processes within your business. They also act as a tool to measure how successfully all front line staff implement your business strategies enabling you to performance manage your staff members on both a short and long term basis.

The level of detail that our reports provide will enable you to:

  • Highlight areas of weakness/poor processes within your business.
  • Find out how you compare to your chosen competitors.
  • Compare your services on a national basis and against the industry average.
  • Performance manage your staff members.
  • Set targets for chosen staff on an individual or team basis for both short and long term.
  • Manage the results from wherever you are via an online web portal.

The detailed results identify whether staff are consistently delivering a level of customer service that you would expect.

59club has the ability to make service level performance comparisons against your chosen competitors, other venues in your group, the best performing clubs and the rest of the industry. We are also the only company working within the golfing industry that recognise, reward and market venues striving for and achieving improved service levels.

"Investment in bricks and mortar do not sustain and grow reputations – it is people that build reputations. You may or may not be the ‘biggest’ club in the area but you can definitely achieve, deliver and then maintain outstanding customer service"


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