My59 Software

Self-test benchmarking software...empowering "you" to conduct your own member surveys & mystery shopper audits

Assess how your business operates in the absence of key personnel, identifying training needs for selected staff and targeted departments... my59 self-test benchmarking enables you to arrange your own member surveys and team of mystery shopper audits at the touch of a button. Analyse selected elements of your facility and service offering, as and when you wish on an unlimited basis. 

View the my59 Tutorial Video to find out more about my59 and how it will assist you to achieve Sales & Service Excellence at your club.


Striving for Customer Service Excellence?  

Club managers can now independently monitor their own service levels throughout their clubs following the launch of the innovative ‘my59’ software from the leaders in customer-service analysis, 59club.  

59club’s market leading software and assessment criteria provides the resources to improve and maintain your ‘sales and service’ techniques, complete with the ability to compare your performance levels against your chosen competitiors and the best performing clubs. This best practice management tool pinpoints exactly what is required of your staff and their needs in terms of training and support. Our products work in all golf clubs, irrespective of the business model you use eg. We have clients who charge £12 per round and clients who charge in excess of £200 per round. 

The my59 product is priced at £500 + vat per annum – an annual contract that runs calendar year. Providing unlimited use to survey your club members and to utalise all of the mystery guest testing products in 59clubs portfolio.

 My59 offords you the following opportunities to... 

Customer Service Tracker Survey (CST)

Utalise the my59 software to generate CST Survey's automatically each time a customer visits your venue or makes a purchase. 

Survey your Members on-line:

Utalise the my59 software to create, market & deliver your own survey online to your members at the touch of a button.

Select from over 100 preset quick fire-questions, with the abilty to add your own specific questions as required to deliver a bespoke members survey relevant to your club and members.   

Conduct your own Mystery Shopper Audits: 

Self-test benchmarking software...empowering "you" to conduct your own mystery shopper audits, at the touch of a button and safe in the knowledge that you are utalising market leading criteria and sales procedures developed to maximise and convert every sales opportunity that presents itself. 

my59 software allows you to omit questions that you feel do not apply to your individual venues and / or group set. The system also omits the same questions from your comparison statistics including my59 industry, leading venues plus your chosen competitors enabling you to compare your performance against like for like results.

The self-test software allows a club manager or, a subcommittee to select a trusted person to complete a mystery test, and at the touch of a button the web-based system is designed to fully prepare the individual for what is required in order to complete a club audit. Once the test has been carried out and the online report completed, feedback analysis assists you to analyse and improve your customer journey, maximising future sales opportunities in the process. 


This will undoubtedly be the best return-on-investment you make this year

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