59club Golf Products & Services

59club’s market leading software and assessment criteria provides the resources to improve and maintain your ‘sales & service’ etiquette, complete with the ability to compare your performance levels against the industry, your chosen competitors and best performing clubs.

Mystery Shopper Audits: as directed by 59club

Receive ‘impartial’ analysis arranged and coordinated by 59club.   

59club will source and coordinate a trained mystery tester to conduct an audit of your choice. 59club monitor proceedings, liaise with the tester throughout the process and once all data has been collected and approved, they deliver a comprehensive and completely impartial on-line report assisting you to improve and manage your business.

Choose from the following Audits:

  • Golf Visitor Experience
  • Group Golf Day Enquiry Call
  • Golf Membership Sales Enquiry - Call & Showround
  • Retail Enquiry
  • Retail Security Spot Check
  • Golf Lesson Experience
  • Custom Fit Experience
  • Stay & Play Experience
  • Fine Dining Experience

Service Excellence Awards 

Those that choose to utilise external audits qualify for 59club’s acclaimed 'Service Excellence Awards' - famously known as the ‘Oscars’ of the golf industry. Designed to reward individuals, teams and clubs for delivering great service within their respected fields. Clubs who offer the very best service and facilities are honoured with coveted Gold, Silver & Bronze Flag designations.  

my59 Software

Engineered by 59club to advance industry sales techniques & customer service principles...my59 software provides the expertise, mechanism and freedom to independently deliver customer satisfaction surveys & mystery shopper audits using 59club's industry leading benchmarking assessment criteria & survey templates.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Create, market & deliver your own survey online to members, visitors or staff...all at the touch of a button.

Choose how you wish to deliver your Survey:

  • Single Surveys: Create a survey that is automatically emailed to all invited participants that closes on your chosen date
  • Rolling Survey: Create a rolling survey that has no end date, enabling you to survey new participants at any time.  Their feedback will continually be added to the pool of data that the survey captures
  • Rolling Series of Surveys: Create a ‘series’ of rolling surveys, enabling you to send a batch of questionnaires in sequence at various timeframes

Choose your Survey type:

Select a desired template which contains a bank of pre-set industry specific questions…complete with the facility to add your own 'custom' questions OR create a truly ‘bespoke’ survey entirely of your own making!

  • New Member Integration / Member Retention / Member Exit Survey
  • Retail Purchase
  • Golf Lesson
  • Custom Fit
  • HR - New Staff / Annual Staff / Appraisal / Staff Leaver
  • Bespoke Survey
  • Customer Service Tracker - asks just 3 short questions which are to the point and very powerful, purely designed to trigger emotion and generate high response rates: These surveys measure and continually track your customer’s overall satisfaction, loyalty to your brand and willingness to recommend your products & services to others

The software is fully automated, it knows each time a customer visits, makes a purchase or joins the club and will automatically generate the relevant pre-set Satisfaction Survey.

Mystery Shopping Audits - as delivered by YOU

Measure your strengths & weaknesses, identifying operational & sales training needs for selected staff and targeted departments, as and when YOU wish, on an unlimited basis.

my59 allows a club manager or a subcommittee to select a trusted person to complete a mystery test

The software will train and manage your chosen tester

Choose from the following Audits:

  • Golf Visitor Experience
  • Group Golf Day Enquiry Call
  • Golf Membership Sales Enquiry - Call & Showround
  • Retail Enquiry
  • Retail Security Spot Check
  • Golf Lesson Experience
  • Golf Club Fitting Experience

Their report is hosted online and measured against 59club's benchmarking criteria for your analysis, assisting you to improve your customer journey, maximising future sales opportunities in the process


Capture 'mass and true' golf specific feedback based on YOUR customer journey.

Golftell is your trusted online review site striving to provide ‘genuine & unbiased’ feedback direct from those that have visited your club, for the benefit of progression and future clientele.

Golftell publishes your clients review of the course, club facilities, food and the service levels encountered along the way. People are going to write about you online, golftell allows you to work with that feedback more than any other site.  

All clubs will benefit from a FREE golftell listing, however a golftell PLUS licence affords club management the ability to validate “tells” meaning that fake, detrimental reviews cannot be included. They also have the capability to amplify positive feedback by sharing positive ratings on social media, promote internal offers, profit from third-party advertising, compare industry ratings plus interact with tellers. Goftell PLUS is included within my59 self-test software and also available individually.