Group Golf Enquiry - Recorded Call

Grade your staff’s ability to manage one of the most profitable customer contact points; a recorded phone enquiry for a society or corporate golf day at your club. The call is recorded to allow for play back, training and in depth analysis to take place. The detailed feedback analysis includes all aspects of up selling, sales techniques, overall research and more importantly, highlights a venue’s ability to ‘chase and secure’ a booking from a tentative enquiry.

Results can be further broken down into Sales, Service and Operations. This enables you to highlight any potential issues within your team and/or their standard procedures, likewise any operational issues you may have within the club promoting the necessary actions.

Analysis Includes:

  • Initial connection to the venue and call management through to the desired department
  • Research questions with focus on a venue’s ability to promote and engage with the caller
  • Understanding and creating a golf day to meet the caller’s needs
  • Up sell and promotion of all products and services to increase revenue
  • Call closure and ability to convert the enquiry
  • Follow up procedure and written proposal
  • Bespoke comparisons to your chosen competitors, the industry average plus the best performing clubs

The feedback analysis provides you with a very detailed independent report, highlighting areas of staff and procedural strengths and weaknesses enabling better monitoring and goal setting, ultimately improving your service levels.

All 59club products have the ability to make service level performance comparisons against your chosen competitors, other venues in your group, the best performing clubs, and the rest of the industry.