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Mystery Shopper Audits

59club currently works with a number of leading golf and leisure clubs including Devere, The Celtic Manor and Vale of Glamorgan. These clubs are constantly striving for Customer Service Excellence and are amongst the most successful in their field and who have an ambition and desire to stay at the top of their game. 

The industry wide data that its members receive provides real and current information of the highest quality and value. As an example, a sales enquiry for a 59club venue will be dealt with in more detail, more efficiency and with a greater chance of conversion than a venue outside of the scheme and four times more likely to stay in contact with the client after the enquiry has been made.

The 59club service provides relevant, independent and confidential feedback analysis via a secure on-line web portal in a very clear, concise and accurate way. The level of detail enables you to highlight areas of poor procedural processes within your business. They also act as a tool to measure how successfully all front line staff implement your business strategies enabling you to performance manage your staff members on both a short and long term basis.

The level of detail that our reports provide will enable you to:

  • Highlight areas of weakness/poor processes within your business.
  • Find out how you compare to your chosen competitors.
  • Compare your services on a national basis and against the industry average.
  • Performance manage your staff members.
  • Set targets for chosen staff on an individual or team basis for both short and long term.
  • Manage the results from wherever you are via an online web portal.

In short, the detailed results identify whether staff are consistently delivering a level of customer service that you would expect.

Compare your Facility and Service Levels against the Rest & the Very Best…

All 59club products have the ability to make service level performance comparisons against your chosen competitors, other venues in your group, the best performing clubs, and the rest of the industry. This unique piece of software enables you to compare your results both on a Monthly and Year to Date basis and also allows for further comparisons by department. 

"59club's services make a real difference to a venues bottom line, fact!"