Life as a Golf Club Member

A mystery guest will join your golf club for a period of 3 months. The feedback analysis is based on their induction experience to the club and their life as a member, assisting in the transition process from ‘new’ member to ‘renewing’ member in year 2.

This product specifically analyses the ‘life as a member’ through the eye of a new member, highlighting any issues they may encounter, from induction to complete integration. The detailed feedback analysis reports on all areas of service and facility highlighting areas of strength and weaknesses from both a ‘new and existing’ members perspective, hence works as a great ‘retention’ tool.

All 59club products have the ability to make service level performance comparisons against your chosen competitors, other venues in your group, the best performing clubs, and the rest of the industry.

With so many venues experiencing a decrease in membership it is essential to impress and maintain new comers by delivering all that was promised on joining the club at the show round and sales stage, resulting in complete ‘member satisfaction’.

The analysis includes:

  • Detailed feedback based on the initial enquiry call and show round pre joining
  • The ‘sign up’ process
  • An entire service and facility analysis based on the practice area, professional team and shop, bar & restaurant, changing rooms and notice board controls.
  • Full golf course analysis focusing on course presentation, on course services and facilities
  • Golf competitions and social events analysis
  • All member retention works from away days and team golf to member reward / loyalty schemes
  • A members ‘sense of belonging’ summary
  • Cancelation procedure

In summary, the call and visit feedback can be used as a tool to measure how successfully all front line staff implement your business strategies, thus identifying whether your staff are consistently delivering a level of customer service that you would expect.

“Golf is much more than a simple 18 holes, it is an experience, it can be memorable from start to finish”