Life as a Leisure Club Member

A mystery guest will join the leisure club for a period of 3 months. The feedback analysis is based on their induction experience to the club and their life as a member, assisting in the transition process from ‘new’ member to ‘renewing’ member in year 2.

This product specifically analyses the ‘life as a member’ through the eyes of a new member joining the leisure club, highlighting any issues they may encounter from induction to their complete integration. The detailed feedback analysis reports on all areas of service and facility highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses from both a ‘new and existing’ members perspective, hence works as a great ‘retention’ tool.

All 59club products have the ability to make service level performance comparisons against your chosen competitors, other venues in your group, the best performing clubs, and the rest of the industry.

With the leisure industry being so volatile and membership retention being a constant battle, it is essential to impress and maintain new members by delivering all that was promised on joining the club at the show round and sales stage, resulting in complete ‘member satisfaction’. A large amount of focus is therefore placed on the initiation health assessment, fitness program, equipment induction and all reviewing processes including any follow up procedures in place.

By means of constantly reviewing and showing genuine interest in a member’s progress, they will feel ‘cared for’ and not just ‘a number’. It also maintains their interest levels and delivers that much need motivation to achieve their fitness goals.

This level of service can only be achieved if the membership advisor and team of personal trainers rigidly follow the 12 week induction process. The feedback analysis will certainly highlight whether the correct induction procedures are in place to begin with.

The analysis includes:

  • Detailed feedback on the initial enquiry call, membership 'needs analysis', show round and sale pre joining
  • The ‘signing up’ process
  • An entire service and facility analysis based on the gym, pool & all wet areas, fitness classes and studio, health assessment facilities, bar & restaurant, changing rooms and notice board controls
  • Analysis of an initial health assessment and 12 week health progress review
  • Analysis of both the basic and full equipment induction process, personal program and dietary advise
  • A 6 & 12 week personal program and fitness progress review
  • All member retention works from members social events and lifestyle seminars to member reward/loyalty schemes
  • Cancelation procedure

Making fitness a part of a new member’s lifestyle early on is essential, therefore the service offered needs to condition new members to view fitness as a habit, not a chore.

“Can you afford not to know how good or bad you are? Your competitors may already know!”