Spa Day & Beauty Treatments

Mystery Shopper Spa Day Guest Audit - Recorded Reservation Call & 'On-Day' Experience 

The mystery shopper audit breaks down each element of the customer journey. Providing detailed analysis based on over 250 non-subjective assessment criteria.  

The audit includes a recorded call to book the spa day and thereafter measures the entire on-day experience afforded to the mystery shopper whilst on site. The venue receives a detailed report which is securely hosted online.

Analysis highlights strengths and weaknesses within the venue’s customer service offering, upselling techniques, facility management, staff attitude & operating procedures allowing the venue to make informed decisions to advance their offering. 

Analysis Includes:

  • Initial recorded enquiry call to book the Spa Day, marked on the staff's ability to promote and up-sell the spa's services, facilities and USP’s
  • Ability to conduct a ‘needs analysis’ to ascertain the caller’s motives for booking the Spa Day
  • Ability to book and confirm the Spa Day 
  • Analysis of written Spa Day confirmation
  • The Initial experience on arrival at the Venue
  • The welcome experience during check-in at Spa Reception 
  • The Spa Facility orientation showround 
  • Cleanliness & presentation of the Spa Facility including; the changing rooms, gym, pool & wet areas, treatment room, product/merchandising area, relaxation area and the refreshment & catering facilities 
  • The delivery of the spa treatment as booked and in-line with the customer's expectations/needs 
  • The sales approach to introduce and upsell related spa products to meet the customer's needs 
  • The catering experience including; cleanliness, decoration, staff attitude, F&B offering and additional upselling opportunities. 

"Spa revenue is big business for many of our clients, however ensuring customers are satisfied with their experience is often left to chance, exposure to these ground-breaking resources are invaluable to the spa manager and the industry as a whole"

Spa Day Guest - Customer Satisfaction Survey

The guest satisfaction survey complements the mystery shopper audit, measuring your paying guest’s satisfaction levels following their Spa Day experience.  

This survey contains a bank of around 58 prewritten insightful questions for venues to choose to include within their my59 customer satisfaction survey.  

Questions highlight the customer service experience, their encounter with the spa facilities and their treatment quality, whilst also measuring their likelihood of making a return visit or referring a friend to the spa based on their own experience.   

59clubs my59 software can hook into your CRM system and automatically invite your customers to complete their satisfaction survey 24 hours post visit. Generating instant feedback, to further assist you to advance your sales etiquette & customer service levels.

"Treatment consistency is one of the hardest parts of Spa Management. We aim to counteract this with performance management tools to drive standards and boost economics. Working with our clients to assist them to deliver an enhanced and consistent spa experience both in and out of the treatment room, meaning that their consumers will remember them for all the right reasons"

Compare your Facility and Service Levels against the Rest & the Very Best…

Like all 59club benchmarking tools, service comparisons can be made against your chosen competitors, other venues in your group, the best performing clubs and the rest of the spa industry. 

This unique piece of software enables you to compare your results both on a Monthly and Year to Date basis and also allows for further comparisons by department. 

59club's benchmarking tools empower you to work to exceed your customers evolving expectations. Powerful information to drive spa standards across the industry, allowing managers and owners to understand business trends, monitor year on year performance and act as a great tool in motivating and developing people.