59club Testimonials

Over the years 59club has worked privately with a number of Independent and Private Members clubs plus leading Ltd Groups developing a portfolio of venues that are amongst the most successful in their field and who have the ambition and desire to stay at the top of the game. With so many quality UK venues within the 59club scheme, the industry wide data that its members receive provides real and current information of the highest quality and value. 

Chris May, CEO Dubai Golf said: First impressions are extremely important for Dubai Golf and we pride ourselves on the way in which we manage the journey from "Prospect" to "Member". The level of detail provided through 59club Leisure Membership benchmarking had been instrumental in the delivery of consistently high standards and ultimately New Member integration, satisfaction and retention. The online results portal and regular service from the 59club team have allowed us to maximise its use as a great management tool for embedding standards, target setting, motivating the team and rewarding excellence. The training delivered by 59club to support the product has been embraced by the team and is evident in their improved performance in this area. We are delighted to have been recognised as the 59club Leisure Membership Team of the Year for the past 2 years.  

Anna Darnell, Director of Golf & Leisure, The Grove said: “One of our key missions at The Grove and Troon is to stand out from the crowd and create extraordinary guest experiences by delivering superior service and playing conditions. When we were approached by 59club to see what they do, it made total sense for us to trial it and look at the results. 

For us it’s a superb benchmarking tool to see what our competitors outside of Troon and The Grove are doing and pushes us to want to succeed and do more. No corner is cut and nothing is missed in terms of what superior service should consist of and not only has it helped us analyse what we can do better but has helped us understand how we can use this tool to increase our revenues from missed sales opportunities. 

There are more venues opening every year and it’s important for all of us to not sit still and continue to make these improvements and not compromise on the attention to detail so that guests want to keep returning year on year. 

This year we are looking forward to implementing the my59 club program to help us continue to benchmark ourselves and other venues”

Gregg Patterson, General Manager The Beach Club said: I was talking about the 59 Club benchmarking program to my team today - what a tool for management, supervisors and staff!  I'm a "True Believer" in the 59club and would love to see "good things" happen on this side of the pond.   My "tribal magic" is built one encounter at a time and identifying those moments, then training to make each moment special, is what "great club" is all about. The 59 Club program has "legs", the best thing I've ever seen for developing the service experience!   59club have taken my "Encounter Map" vision and made it REAL, fleshing it out in detail (240 pieces!!!).   A real tool for the manager who truly cares about moving service up a notch.   For that reason I think there's a huge market here in the states. It's always a treat, for me, connecting with others who have "The Buzz for the Business!"

Stuart Collier, Director of Golf, Stoke Park said “After hearing great things about 59club within the golf industry we decided to take up the offer of a free trial. Stoke Park’s hotel received 5star AA rating and I wanted that consistency across the board – 59clubs work delivered me the information I required. I am confident that in twelve months’ time I will be able to congratulate my team on exceeding the customer’s expectations whilst at Stoke Park”

David Scott, Manager, The Dukes (St Andrews Old Course Hotel)
said “59club is a fantastic benchmark, specific to our needs and allows us to effectively monitor our service delivery and product offering. Having viewed the results from our trial, we had no hesitation in signing up to 59club to assist in our quest to deliver an outstanding golfing experience”

Andrew Minty, Director of Golf, Langland Bay Golf Club said “It is important to give each member what they want out of their membership and great value for money, the service from 59club provided relevant, independent and confidential feedback via a web portal in a very clear, concise and accurate way for members to complete. The detailed survey results were returned in a very short time period and were extremely easy to navigate, making for simple analysis of every section of the club using the various filters. It allowed me to group the views of male/female, group by age, by ability and by style of membership – I now have a really good feel for what our members truly want from our club.”

Mustafa Al Hashimi, General Manager at The Creek said "As a GM you are always working hard to improve your customer service and experience at the Club and 59club helps you achieve that in a structured, constructive and effective manner.

Steve Dacre, Group Golf Sales Manager for the De Vere Venues Group, commented, “There’s no question that standards across the industry have improved in the last twelve months, and we’re delighted to have picked up the main award for the second consecutive year. The 59Club offers us invaluable feedback and ensures that we have all the information we need to not only react, but improve the ways in which customer service is delivered in golf. For six of our venues to be recognised with the highest standard that the 59Club has awarded is testament to our consistently high standards and dedication towards delivering the ultimate experience for our guests and members. The 59 club scheme is firmly ensconced into the day to day routine of De Vere staff and is a key tool in their quest to deliver excellence.”

Gary Silcock, Ex Director of Golf at The Belfry “To be recognised as the top golf operations team by 59Club, who are the ultimate bench markers in golfing customer service, is a great honour. Our main aim at The Belfry is to provide the very best experience for the golfer from the moment they enter the resort to the moment they leave. The fact that we manage to provide this despite the large number of golfers visiting last year is testament to the great effort by every member of staff”

Paul Beddoe, Sales and Marketing Director at The Vale Resort said “The benchmarking service provided by The 59 Club has proven itself invaluable, both for our golf and leisure sectors. Working with them has resulted in improvements to sales and service procedural issues and has helped staff to focus on key customer care areas”

Jamie Carroll, Ex Group Membership Sales Manager, De Vere Resorts & Venues said “Having launched the De Vere Club membership scheme in April 2010 and investing in resource and marketing activity it was of paramount importance to be able to efficiently manage and benchmark the performance of our 11 individual membership sales advisors. It then enables us to put effective training plans in place where necessary and more importantly reward good performance. We helped develop the golf membership test call and visit criteria with the 59 Club and it has become an integral part of our culture and helps us improve as a sales function. De Vere Hotels & Venues has a variety of different leisure club facilities around the UK, from small gyms to larger family focused leisure clubs. The test call and visit criteria with 59 Club allows us to benchmark, reward good performance as well as manage performance for both a sales and operational result. Again, this is now an integral part of our sales process and allows us to improve into the future”

John Glendinning, Ex General Manager Close House Hotel & Golf, “We are absolutely delighted to be the 59th Club to sign up to what is a unique product for the golf industry. We at Close House are a new club with brand new golf course and clubhouse, we are looking to raise the standard and gain the reputation of being one of the top golf clubs in the North of England, and in order to do this we know our service levels and facilities need to be of the highest standard. The information and advice given from the 59 club will help us achieve these high standards from the customers point of view. It is often said that it is the small things that make the difference, the great thing about the 59club is the fact that it highlights in such detail every aspect of the club that we know exactly what we need to improve on and what we do well. To also be able to find out how we are performing against other similar venues is such an advantage and will help us ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality service. Close House is hoping to provide the highest level of training to its staff to help them reach their goals in the golf industry, and the information provided by the 59 club will be used as a tool for training to help develop our staff." 

Steve Slinger, Ex General Manager, Exclusive Golf said "Having just completed our first full year with 59club the benefits of the relationship are really coming to the fore. Whilst each call and visit represents a snapshot of the business the trending over the course of 6 visits makes for very interesting reading. The result system certainly adds focus and the competitor analysis brings out the competitive side in everyone!"

59club: Golf is much more than a simple 18 holes of golf, it's an experience, it can be memorable from start to finish. Investment in bricks and mortar do not sustain and grow reputations - it is people that build reputations. You may or may not be the best golf course in the area but you can definitely achieve, deliver and then maintain outstanding customer service. It only takes one bad experience to send your golfer away to your competitor and do untold damage to your reputation and profits. You need total confidence that the service your team are delivering is the one that you are expecting.

59club analysis is a great Management and Training tool and as much as it can highlight failings in service, without doubt its aim is to highlight excellence and improve service. In short there is no one in Golf & Leisure who provide detailed analysis of ‘Sales and Operations Performance’ at such a high level and with such flexibility.